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EllieSleeping Ellie

I just wanted to let you know that our kanoe has basically saved my life and my marriage.  It has changed our lives completely.  My daughter now takes at least 3 naps a day!  Before I had this Kanoe I was never able to get her to sleep except for when she would fall asleep on me nursing.  Now at night my husband can get up when she cries and swing the Kanoe and she goes right back to sleep (most of the time).  So, I no longer have to get up and nurse her 3 or 4 times per night to get her to fall back to sleep.  I think every parent with a baby who has colic should invest in one of these.  If and when we have our next baby I am not going to bother even putting the crib together.  In my view, this Kanoe is the only way to go, hands down.  I just wish I had known about it earlier.  Thank you for making our life a little easier :)

Megan Williams - Oregon

Joshua in his KanoeJoshua

Hi there,  
Just wanted to share this picture of my severe reflux baby who hasn't spent one night in his cot but LOVES his hammock - thank you!!! My 4month old who's in the 97th percentile was fast growing out of his swing & rocker & we needed another solution FAST, thankfully we found your hammock!!!

Rebecca & her little man Joshua :)
Byron Bay, Australia 


Great Product:  We love the Kanoe and used it for our baby when he first came home. attached some pics.


Hi there...
I have had my kanoe for about a month and absolutely love it.  There is no way you are getting it back!!!  From day 1, my baby took her nap in it instead of on me (like she did for all naps for 5 months)... I am attaching a video of Loi awake in the kanoe...
Thank you,
Stacey Walden  --

Logan (3)Wasilowski FamilyIndia (5)

Dear Friends at Kanoe,


I can't begin to thank you enough for sharing this amazing product with us.  When I first inquired about the Kanoe for my 3 1/2  year old special needs child, I had no idea what a difference it would make for him.  Logan absolutely loves to be in his Kanoe.  He normally would fuss when being put down but when he goes into the Kanoe he is content.  I have yet to hear him cry or fuss in his hammock.  I have no doubt that he'd stay all day if we'd let him.


Because of Logan's small size and inability to position, or reposition himself we normally have to turn him frequently.  With the Kanoe we have found that repositioning is almost unnecessary.  The canvas offers the flexibility needed to avoid pressure points and leaves him comfortable for an extended time period.  Being in a reclined position allows him more freedom of movement since we don't have to use objects to prop him against.  The spring action also helps to teach the concept of cause and effect, which is vital in teaching communication skills.


We have also used the Kanoe with our 4 year old.  India tends to get over stimulated easily and likes to spend time alone.  We have found that placing her in the hammock gives her enough of a sense of security and calm that she is able to handle being in our living room for longer and longer periods of time.


Of all of the equipment, seating systems, ect... that are in my home, the Kanoe is the one that I wouldn't want to be without.


Thank you for allowing us to experience your product.




Nancy Wasilowski


mom to Tony (10), Jon (5), Paul (5), India (4), Logan (3 1/2) and Angels Sky (11/23/92 - 8/26/06) & Analee (7/22/96 - 7/4/06).  All of our kids have been adopted through th MN Waiting Children.  We feel so very lucky to have each in our lives.


You guys have showed exemplary customer service. We love your product and we hope that your business thrives. Truly a great product from a great small company.  Thank you. Nicholas Letts

Thank you very very much for everything!  We'll be sure to let our friends know that you are a great company to deal with.  I really appreciated both your responses, email and phone, and how quickly we were able to reach a real person.  Cheers!  Amanda  :-)

I purchased a Kanoe Hammock from you about 4 months ago.  I love it.  My baby daughter Zaida adores it.  It's really the best investment I have made as a mother besides my wrap (and this is my third baby!)  So be proud, you have a wonderful product.
Thanks so much.
MaryBeth Bonfiglio - Bellingham, WA    http://misplacedmama.blogsome.com


The Kanoe has been extremely popular at our daycare. The natural movement of the Kanoe helps our babies feel more at ease and comfortable in our facility. Moms are amazed that we can get their babies to nap with us. Some moms say their babies cry, or probably will not nap in a strange area, but the soothing motion and comfort of the Kanoe puts the babies to sleep within minutes. Our daycare has purchased two Kanoes and we are able to have one childcare provider put two babies to sleep at the same time! Thank you for the Kanoe. Not only is it fabulous, but it has cut down on crying infants and hard-to-get-to-sleep babies. We will be referring the Kanoe to all moms that come visit our drop in daycare!

Thanks, Jill Peters, Big Mountain Kids Daycare


Choosing the Kanoe was a hugely successful decision for my husband and I; it was so easy to set up and relocate to different parts of the house or even on the porch. This hammock was so comfortable for both of our babies, it instantly helped promote relaxation and better sleep. I am so thankful for your Kanoe bed; it was a joy to see my new baby fall asleep without being restless for hours and if she woke at night, I was able to rock her back to sleep very quickly; it was the start to better sleep for both of us.
We LOVE the gorgeous design and colors, and we found great satisfaction in knowing that this innovation was partially based on scientific studies confirming the physical and psychological benefits of rhythmic motion on our baby's developing brain. With my baby's ultimate health in mind, I wanted more then anything to do everything just right to give my children the best possible start in life. I highly recommend the Kanoe; it is sensational!

It's a good feeling knowing that there are still good people in the world, who truly care, you make an amazing high quality product, all natural and made safe, non-toxic, earth-friendly. Thank you so much.

Mr. and Mrs. Kroner  -  Rhinebeck, NY 


I wanted to share with you how much my husband and I love the Kanoe baby hammock. We are the proud parents of 6 children, and through the years have tried many baby items to keep our little ones happy. How delighted we were to receive such a well thought out and beautifully designed product. Our littlest one ( 4 months old) sleeps so well in her Kanoe, she wakes up so happy and starts kicking her legs causing the Kanoe to bounce and sway ever so gently. This keeps her happy between feedings so that we can homeschool or eat a meal with free hands! She loves looking up at her toys that hang easily from the beautiful wood bar. When looking over at her swaying and bouncing while I'm washing dishes, I feel content, knowing that her Kanoe is cradling and rocking her so sweetly! We look forward to spring and summer working in the garden while baby will swing peacefully under our apple tree. I wish we would of had the Kanoe for all our children! It's also so nice and so meaningful that you have used such pure and natural materials. We get so tired of plastic, cheaply made baby products! The hardware and fabrics that you use are so strong and of such high quality. The Kanoe is like a piece of artwork in our home! Thank you for making our lives a little easier and fulfilling a real need for so many babies!!

#1 Kanoe Fans-- The Ingham's--Kalispell, Montana


I love the Kanoe Baby Hammock! As a pediatric physical therapist, I have worked with dozens of infants and small children. I see the dramatic impact movement has on premature babies and children with a range of neurological and sensory challenges. The unique design and shape of the Kanoe provides a cozy, swaddled environment that is very beneficial for calming babies. In my practice, I stress the critical role movement plays in the development of integrated neuromuscular function. Countless studies all confirm that sensory input lays a strong foundation for learning. The Kanoe enables parents and caregivers a wonderful opportunity to give 3 dimensional vestibular input, all while being easy to use in a variety of settings. Another feature that is unique with the Kanoe is the use of organic materials. Many children with medical challenges have adverse reactions to manufactured fabric. This is a great bonus to the product.

As a clinician, I am delighted to recommend the Kanoe Baby Hammock to parents and caregivers. It is a wonderful tool!

Leslie Hayden, P.T. Pediatric Physical Therapist  -  PT4Kidz, Whitefish, Montana


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