KANOE News August 2008


Volume 1, Issue 2

Organic Cotton – An Alternative for People and the Planet

Organically produced cotton gives consumers the option to go all the way when they "go organic".  Organic foods are more plentiful than ever along the aisles of supermarkets and health food stores as growing numbers of people favor a health-minded and environmentally sustainable approach to what they eat. For those who wish to carry that approach to what they wear, how they furnish their homes, personal hygiene, and what their children play with, organic cotton is an excellent choice.

Organic cotton confers the same benefits to the planet as other organically produced agricultural products, including natural fertilizers, no pesticides and herbicides, greater energy efficiency, less soil erosion and degradation, and uncontaminated surface and ground water.  Conventional cotton, on the other hand, requires substantial use of herbicides, fungicides, and defoliants and uses twenty-five percent of the world’s pesticides, including several which are known carcinogens.

But organic cotton isn’t just good for the planet – it’s good for people. Clothing, bedding, towels, toys, paper, sanitary products, cotton swabs, and diapers made from organic cotton do not expose people to the industrial chemicals and dyes that are found in conventional cotton. People who are sensitive to chemicals, are ill, or have allergies may be especially susceptible to the chemical residue left on conventional cotton bed sheets or clothing. Organic cotton offers a safe, comfortable, durable, and attractive alternative. Consumer interest in organic cotton is on the rise and sales of clothing, towels, sheets, mattresses, and pillows have increased. Worldwide, organic cotton is produced primarily in the United States and Turkey but also in India, Peru, Uganda, Tanzania, Egypt, Senegal, Israel, Greece, Benin and Brazil.


KANOE Joins the Organic Trade Association

It’s official!  KANOE is delighted to announce that it has become a member of the Organic Trade Association (OTA), one of North America’s most widely recognized and respected organic business associations. OTA has a membership network of over 1,600 businesses that grow, produce, and sell certified organic products, including food, personal care products, and textiles.

Through public outreach, membership trade shows, and organic business directories, OTA actively promotes organic trade in the U.S., Canadian, and international marketplaces.  By helping make organic products an integral part of people’s daily lives around the world, OTA plays a valuable role in protecting environmental and agricultural resources, supporting farmers, and protecting the health of the consumer.

OTA is also actively engaged in protecting and refining organic standards, ensuring the certification and authenticity of organic products. Through membership with OTA, KANOE will enjoy marketing support, the latest news and updates on the world of organics, and valuable networking opportunities with other organic businesses.

Learn more about OTA by visiting their website at www.ota.com


A Special Gift – KANOE Donates Hammocks to Orphaned Babies

KANOE has recently donated several hammocks to an orphanage in the Ukraine, where therapists working with the nonprofit organization OrphanBaby are interested in the physical and psychological benefits of motion to babies who have been abandoned and thus deprived of the essential rocking and bouncing normally provided by a parent. In correspondence with KANOE, Karmelle Chaise of OrphanBaby wrote that "Children who do not receive early bouncing and rocking in their mother’s arms develop many problems including inability to sense where their bodies are in relation to objects, deficiencies in reading, balance issues, sensory issues, just to name a few." OrphanBaby will keep KANOE updated on the babies’ progress. Keep an eye out for more in upcoming newsletters on the work of OrphanBaby, the donated Kanoes, and the precious orphaned babies whose healing is in the balance.  Visit www.orphanbaby.org to learn more and to see how you can help.


KANOE on the Move

Making super comfy hammocks that move babies into life is moving KANOE around the country – and the world – to trade shows, conferences, production facilities and a growing list of retailers. Check this section of each issue of KANOE News to see where KANOE has been lately!

In May and June of 2008, KANOE travelled to Denver, CO and Seattle, WA, where they were very well received at two trade shows. One participant wrote back that the KANOE hammock "made our 9-month old light up with big smiles", and noted that KANOE’s enthusiasm "left a positive gut feeling towards their brand and their product".


Making babies happy keeps KANOE moving. Stay tuned!



Amy Secrest, Editor


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