Kanoe Installation Instructions

Proper installation is essential for the safe use of the Kanoe!

The Kanoe is a system whereby stainless steel eye lags are placed in different parts of the home or outdoors. The Kanoe baby hammock can then be easily unclipped, by means of the spring clip (stainless steel Karabiner), and re-clipped to another eye lag in another location.The hammock’s general location within the room can be chosen on the basis of convenience, but the exact anchor point will be determined by the placement of the underlying, permanent structure, such as ceiling joists, structural beams, or other overhead permanent structure.

Eye Lag (AKA screw eye)

Spring Clip (AKA karabiner)


To install, you will need:


Stainless steel eye lag(s) (2 are included with each Kanoe)

Power drill with 5/16 inch (6mm) drill bit

Tape measure

We highly recommend an electronic stud finder.

Steps for proper installation

STEP 1: Determine room and area that will be most convenient.

STEP 2: In homes with drywall, use a stud finder to determine the exact location of the ceiling joist.

STEP 3: Pre-drill a 5/16-inch pilot hole, 1.5 to 2 inches deep. Insert eye lag and turn until flush with the support surface. Placing a screwdriver or similar object through the eye of the eye lag is recommended for extra leverage when screwing it in.

STEP 4: Test with weight in excess of that of a child, and make sure the eye lag is screwed straight into the joist.

STEP 5: Attach the Kanoe!

Correct eye lag placement