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Kanoe Baby Hammock Independent Reviews


Organic Family, Natural Home in Cumberland, Canada

Organic Family, Natural Home Family


We call this item the “Sleep Saver”.  Everyone we know that has purchased this item has come back to tell us how great their baby sleeps in this hammock, and how easy it is to get them back to sleep when they do wake up.  This item can be used from when your baby is 1 - 2 weeks old (can be swaddled and placed in hammock) up until….well that is up to you.  The Kanoe can be adjusted in many different way, it can be tilted with one end higher than the other for babies with Colic.  It can also be adjusted down closer to the ground so that your toddler can climb in and out of it safely.  My personal favourite feature is it’s portability.  This Hammock can be quickly and easily moved from your bedroom to your living room to outside, or packed up to go camping for the weekend.  Happy Sleeping!

Julie, Brian & Kailan



"Granny Ashley's Etsy Picks"

Nutmeg/Burgundy Kanoe


When you live in a tiny apartment, you learn clever little storage tricks, like putting the bed on risers to fit more underneath, or hanging bikes from the ceiling. C and L have a small apartment, too, and baby-storage could be a problem. I'm pretty sure you can't keep babies under the bed, but you can suspend them from the ceiling, apparently, with The Kanoe Baby Hammock. I seriously love this idea. You could have a whole litter of kids with these things, and they come in different colors, so you can remember which kid was stored where.

I like that this one looks a bit like the robes of a Tibetan Buddhist monk. They need to sell these at Babies R Us.




Kanoe Baby Hammock: Leave Your Baby Hanging

Earth/Sky KanoeCELEBRITY BABY BLOG  Tags: Reviews

When a five-month-old baby awakens from a nap as a result of some noise or another from her big (and loud!) brother, chances are pretty good that she won’t be very happy. Unless she’s sleeping in a Kanoe Baby Hammock ($290) in which case it seems that chances are good that the gentle bounce of the hammock will simply lull her back to sleep. I can't even tell you how many times some loud noise causes my daughter to stir and then I look up to see the Kanoe Baby Hammock bouncing her slowly back to sleep (the weight of the baby in the hammock creates soothing, gentle bounces -- just like if a baby were in your arms and you gently rocked them back to sleep).

Ever since we hung the Kanoe Baby Hammock in our home, our baby has had some extremely peaceful naps. Not only is it breathtakingly gorgeous, it’s also delightfully useful with my now-8-month-old daughter. It's even a perfect place to put my daughter when she’s awake and I need to pop her down somewhere safe for a moment. She calms down as soon as I put her in and it gives me a second to do whatever it is I have to do.

The Kanoe Baby Hammock is made from certified 100% organic cotton canvas and dyed with low-impact, non-toxic dyes -- important to know when you will be placing your baby in it. Installation is pretty simple: locate a ceiling stud, screw in the supplied eye lag (you get two of them with your hammock and can buy more so that the hammock can be moved to many locations -- even outside!), clip on the hammock, and it's good to go. The straps are simple to adjust and if you have a colicky baby, you can even set the hammock at an incline to give them some relief.

Another amazing feature is that it can support weights of up to 50 pounds (and more, once the spring is removed) so an older child can use it -- an investment that will really grow with your child. Can you imagine how much a toddler would love climbing into a hammock for naptime?

-- Stephanie     CELEBRITY BABY BLOG  http://www.celebrity-babies.com/    Posted on Sep 26, 08 at 12:30 PM


The Kanoe beds are most beneficial for the development of the institutionalized child.  These children have much less opportunity for movement in their daily life than typically developing children.  This is either due to their disability (e.g. cerebral palsy, down syndrome) or due to constraints in their institutionalized environment. We know that movement is critical to normal brain development; especially in the first 3 years of life. 

When we move our vestibular processing is engaged. Vestibular processing is one type of sensory processing.  The Kanoe bed simulates being held which gives our muscles and joints a type of feedback called proprioception.  This is also a type of sensory processing that stimulates other pathways of our brain.  Sensory Processing is the basis for all learning. One might think of sensory processing as the "building blocks" for learning.  The movement input (vestibular) and feedback from the muscles and joints (proprioception) that the Kanoe bed gives the child is invaluable for the development of more typical sensory processing.  It will help the institutionalized child "make-up" for sensory-motor opportunities lost and facilitate more typical brain development.



Rock Me Gently   Sweet Nothing

As much as we love watching our babies’ precious eyes drift off to fantasyland, we never thought bedtime would be so involving. Wouldn’t it be great if our infants could just rock their little selves to sleep?  No, we're not dreaming. Our wish has been granted with the Kanoe Baby Hammock. This motion sensitive crib ($299) cradles, rocks and bounces them to bed by responding to their movements.

Available at
Baby on the Hip, the hammock is made from 100% organic cotton and comes in four colour options. Even better, it’s portable. All we have to do is install one of the included eye lags in a room other than the nursery and baby can travel while sleeping.

And when we learned that it easily disassembles for washing, we realized we might just have a genie in a bottle.

So while we’re wishing… baby weight be gone!

Kanoe baby hammocks
Thursday, Jul 24, 2008



Kanoe Motion Sensitive Baby Hammock
These sleek and innovative baby bassinets are made from the finest quality organic cotton with low impact dyes and non-toxic materials. Your baby will be lulled to a happy, harmonic slumber and if there was room in there for you, you would jump in too.
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The Kanoe Baby Hammock    growing your baby    

Over the last couple of years, baby hammocks have become very popular.

Babies need cradling and motion for healthy development. The sensitive motion of the baby hammock rocks and sways in response to your baby’s subtle movements, providing, a safe and comforting place where babies can rest better and sleep more soundly.

Its gentle range of motion and exceptional comfort is believed to be the closest thing to your embrace.

I like the Kanoe Baby hammock because it is a certified organic, fair trade baby product.

It’s generous bassinet area is 16 inches wide x 36 inches long and it accommodates munchkins weighing up to 50lbs.

Other great features:

  • Recommended for newborns and children up to 2 years of age.
  • Children who have a difficult time getting to sleep are often quickly soothed by the gentle 3-dimensional motion
  • Completely machine washable
  • Is very durable and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Available in 3 colors




See it at  purecontemporary.blogs.com 


For eco-minded parents praying for a good night's rest for themselves and their babies, the Kanoe Hammock can be a lifesaver.  It's organically made, recreates the comfort and soft motion of the womb and has great design sensibility.

It comes with a spring calibrated for kids who weigh between 10 and 30 pounds and another spring for weights 30 -50 lbs. will soon be available. After that, it's time for the the first "big" bed anyway.

For those worried that jr will climb out, you're right, he probably will at some point. Just be glad he wont suffer the fall from a crib.  Once you're little one is strong enough to come and go as he pleases, just adjust the Kanoe so it hangs only a few inches over the floor.

The hammock can be tossed in the machine, and the organically grown cotton will not off gas, unlike a shiny new crib.

My bet? Kanoe's a rising star. $290.

Find out more through Kanoe.

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I love the Kanoe Baby Hammock!

As a pediatric physical therapist, I have worked with dozens of infants and small children. I see the dramatic impact movement has on premature babies and children with a range of neurological and sensory challenges. The unique design and shape of the Kanoe provides a cozy, swaddled environment that is very beneficial for calming babies. In my practice, I stress the critical role movement plays in the development of integrated neuromuscular function. Countless studies all confirm that sensory input lays a strong foundation for learning. The Kanoe enables parents and caregivers a wonderful opportunity to give 3 dimensional vestibular input, all while being easy to use in a variety of settings. Another feature that is unique with the Kanoe is the use of organic materials. Many children with medical challenges have adverse reactions to manufactured fabric. This is a great bonus to the product.

As a clinician, I am delighted to recommend the Kanoe Baby Hammock to parents and caregivers. It is a wonderful tool!

Leslie Hayden, P.T. Pediatric Physical Therapist  -  PT4Kidz, Whitefish, Montana


Kanoe Organic Baby Hammock

by Raquel on August 20, 2008

For those mums out there thinking they may never get another nights peace, or the expectant among us anticipating the worst, this little gem may just be the answer.

Made from 100% organic canvas cotton, the motion sensitive Kanoe hammock suspends from the ceiling gently swaying to babies movement. The unique canoe shape cradles the baby to provide womb-like comfort, while soothing movements mimic the sensation of being carried and aid in self-settling.

This fabulously versatile design comes with a heavy duty spring allowing it to gently bounce to the motions of smaller babies. Once they are larger, the spring is easily removed and straps are lengthened to just inches off the floor so older children who can climb don’t fall.

Not only that, two eye bolts are provided for multiple installations as the hammock can be easily unhooked for quick relocation around the home. The ingenious design is super stylish in a pleasing selection of four colourways: Earth/Sky, Natural/Khaki, Nutmeg/Burgandy and Natural. It can also be washed and has its own bag for easy transportation.

May you never lose another nights sleep …

Mum’s Little Outlet
Nature’s Child


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