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The Kanoe will comfort, delight, and move your child into a happy, healthy life.

Parents have always known that babies love to be cradled, rocked and bounced.  Now we know that babies need cradling and motion for healthy development.  The Kanoe is a motion sensitive baby hammock that rocks and sways in response to your baby's subtle movements, suspending your baby's weight in much the same way you do when you hold or rock your baby.  Babies nestled safely and comfortably inside the Kanoe rest better, sleep more soundly, and have been known to just giggle and smile to the soothing bounce and sway of the hammock! 



"...I am so thankful for your Kanoe; it was a joy to see my baby fall asleep without being restless for hours..." Yveline Kroner, mother of two   read more


Movement is essential to life...

"... In my practice, I stress the critical role movement plays in the development of integrated neuromuscular function..."   Leslie Hayden, Pediatric Physical Therapist   read more

Motion is known to be highly beneficial to a child's development, happiness, and well-being.  The Kanoe gently bounces and sways as your baby moves, mimicking the sensation of being held and rocked by a parent.  The Kanoe's specialized weight-calibrated hanging assembly provides a 3-dimensional range of motion and is exquisitely fine-tuned to respond to even the smallest movement.  Parents and daycare providers are finding that the Kanoe is especially effective when bounced and rocked by hand, producing an enhanced level of motion that soothes and calms restless babies.


"Some moms say their babies cry, or probably will not nap in a strange area, but the soothing motion and comfort of the Kanoe puts the babies to sleep within minutes."   Jill Peters,  Manager of the Whitefish Mountain Resort Daycare in Montana  read more


The Kanoe has a unique canoe shape that safely cradles and comforts a baby.  You won't need a mattress, because the Kanoe is specifically designed to gently support a baby while conforming to his or her natural shape, without the unnatural and unnecessary interference of a mattress.  (For newborns, we highly recommend swaddling while in the Kanoe.)


Our Kanoe Baby



"The Kanoe is a safe alternative to holding a baby while working, cooking, gardening, or performing other activities.  In fact, it was our experience with our own little ones in a busy home environment that led me to design and create the Kanoe baby hammock."   Leslie Leroux, designer of the Kanoe 



The Kanoe is safe, durable, and easy to install!

Adjustable straps extend above the Kanoe and attach to the bottom ring of the specialized spring assembly. The entire assembly attaches to an eye lag (eye screw) which can be screwed into any solid structure, such as a ceiling joist, beam, or tree limb. This high attachment point allows for a wide range of motion.  All of the Kanoe's straps are adjustable to accommodate different ceiling heights.  The Kanoe can be relocated anywhere around the home by simply unhooking the hammock from one eye lag and hooking it to another that has been installed elsewhere (we include two stainless steel eye lags with each Kanoe). Detailed installation instruction can be viewed in the Installation" page.

Read About Installation


Plus, the Kanoe is quick and easy to transport, rolling up into a super handy bag made of the same beautiful canvas as the hammock.   

Read the FAQ page for more information on the Kanoe.





  • KANOE LLC uses cotton certified by GOTS.
  • Low impact dyes certified by OEKO TEX-100.
  • Fabric made in India; manufactured in respect of fair labor practices. 
  • The Kanoe is made in the USA
  • KANOE ® is a Registered Trade Mark. 
  • Kanoe Motion Sensitive Baby Hammock Patent Pending
  • The Kanoe meets the mechanical hazards requirements of 16 CFR, "Federal Hazardous Substances Act Regulations" - Certified by Bureau VERITAS, Consumer Products Services, Inc. 
  • Organic Trade Association (OTA) Member 
  • Green America's Green Business Network Member



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