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OrphanBaby's mission is to heal the hearts, minds and bodies of orphaned children so they can live happy lives as members of our world family.  Toward that mission OrphanBaby has 3 programs:  The Alive to Thrive project that works to identify and feed malnurished children living in the orphanage system.  The Orphan Doctor Outreach program that brings orphanage professionals to the US for training and mentoring so they can provide better care for the millions of orphans that are in their care. The Human Touch Project, which focuses on educating orphanages doctors and staff the importance of good care and loving touch.  This is accomplished through trainings in orphanages and also through sponsorship of occupational and physical therapists working with the orphanage staff.  Children receive more touch, more attention and in turn are better able to develop, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Karmelle N. Chaise
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"Healing the hearts, minds and bodies of orphaned children."
The Human Touch Project


The Kanoe beds are most beneficial for the development of the institutionalized child.  These children have much less opportunity for movement in their daily life than typically developing children.  This is either due to their disability (e.g. cerebral palsy, down syndrome) or due to constraints in their institutionalized environment. We know that movement is critical to normal brain development; especially in the first 3 years of life. 

When we move our vestibular processing is engaged. Vestibular processing is one type of sensory processing.  The Kanoe bed simulates being held which gives our muscles and joints a type of feedback called proprioception.  This is also a type of sensory processing that stimulates other pathways of our brain.  Sensory Processing is the basis for all learning. One might think of sensory processing as the "building blocks" for learning.  The movement input (vestibular) and feedback from the muscles and joints (proprioception) that the Kanoe bed gives the child is invaluable for the development of more typical sensory processing.  It will help the institutionalized child "make-up" for sensory-motor opportunities lost and facilitate more typical brain development.

Pamela Flagg, MPA, OTR/L 


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