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Nutmeg/Burgundy Kanoe

Price: $320.00

All Kanoe hammocks are made individually as per order, please allow 4-5 days to make your Kanoe

This Kanoe is constructed from the finest quality GOTS certified 100% organic cotton canvas. The Kanoe is dyed using low impact, non-toxic dyes.  We are committed to providing the safest, purest, most beneficial product to nurture your child.

The Kanoe comes with its strap/spreader bar assembly, a custom spring KS-002 (calibrated for infants 10 to 30 pounds), 2 stainless steel eye lags for ceiling mount (for two different placements), 1 stainless steel spring clip (Karabiner) and a carry bag made from organic cotton canvas.

Washing Instruction for the canvas portion of the Kanoe:  Machine wash in cold water on delicate with a mild detergent.  For stains, spray a hydrogen peroxide stain remover (i.e. OxiClean) and let soak in cold water for two hours before wash.  Hang to dry.  DO NOT PUT THE KANOE IN THE DRYER.


Fabric manufactured in India -- certified Fair Trade and certified organic
Kanoe made in Whitefish, Montana USA


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