The Mini Kanoe

The Mini Kanoe Motion Sensitive Baby Hammock

Same material as the original Kanoe except 33% smaller. Specially designed for preemies for use in hospitals, birthing centers and at home. The Mini Kanoe is 100% organic cotton ideal for sensitive skin. It can support up to 30 pounds with the spring and up to 80 pounds without the spring. Due to its small size, it can hold a baby up to about 6 months (that’s based on a healthy average).The Mini Kanoe measures 30 inches long by 14 inches wide. For freedom of movement it needs to be positioned at least 24 inches from any nearby wall or object.Washing Instruction for the canvas portion of the Kanoe: Machine wash in cold water on delicate with a mild detergent. For stains, spray a hydrogen peroxide stain remover (i.e. OxiClean) and let soak in cold water for two hours before wash. Hang to dry. DO NOT PUT THE KANOE IN THE DRYER.